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A simple and clean theme for WordPress,3 Columns.designed by Woody for apple4.us(http://apple4.us) ,work on Movable Type platform.dupola(http://dupola.com) moved to WordPress platform.I add some more useful functions for WordPress users.

Widgets support, Gravatar support, WP-PageNavi support,WP-PostViews support, WP-Realted Posts support, includes AJAX commenting.


  • AJAX commenting.
  • Specific background for the admin’s comments.
  • differentiate comments and trackbacks/pingbacks in the comment template without used any plugin.
  • Quick Tags for comment.

PLUGINS SUPPORT (all not required):

  • WP 2.3 Related Posts,show related post in the single post.Note:This plugin only work on WP 2.3 or higher.
    Plugin Homepage » click here.
  • Gravatar,you need to install the Gravatar Plugin for wordpress,if not,there will not display any pictures.
    Plugin Homepage » http://site.gravatar.com/
    Plugin Homepage » click hrer (Gravatar Plugin for wordpress)
    Download it directly » click here.
    Note: WordPress has integrated Gravatar In WordPress 2.5,so you can use Gravatar without any plugin. Also,Apple Theme has integrated Gravatar codes,you do not need Gravatar plugin if you are using WordPress 2.5.
  • WP-PageNavi,Adds a more advanced paging navigation your WordPress blog.
    Plugin Homepage » click here.
    Download it directly » click here.
  • WP-PostViews ,Enables you to display how many times a post/page had been viewed. It will not count registered member views, but that can be changed easily.
    Plugin Homepage » Chick here.
  • Clean Archives Reloaded(It creates a pretty list of all of the posts that you’ve made to your blog.If you install the plugin,it will display in the Archives Page,I add Tag cloud in the page,If not,it will display a simple archives lists.here is a demo:http://dupola.com/archives)
    Plugin Homepage » click here.
  • Get Recent Comments
    Plugin Homepage » click here.
  • Subscribe To Comments
    Plugin Homepage » Subscribe To Comments


The “Apple4us” theme distributed with a GNU General Public License, http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html


All versions download here now:


Download the zip file,unzip it and upload “apple4us” to your site like wp-content/apple4us/style.css
If you are using hosting like DreamHost, you can use SSH to get it.

For more instructions please visit the official WordPress Codex Site at:



  • Page List Menu in the header.php.(CSS Ready)
    By default,there is a Search From but not a Page List Menu.And there is not a Search From in the right sidebar.
    If you want to display the Page Menu List to replace the Search from.You may do it like this:
    First,add the 《!—-》 tag to the Search Form code in the header to disable it,also,you can delete the code of search from forever.
    Then,delete the 《!—-》 tag outside the Code of Page Menu List.Now there will show a Page List in the header.
    hmm,but now there have no search from all page.haha,don’t worry,look at the sidebarr.php.
    delete the 《!—-》 tag outside the Search From code.then there will display a Search From in the right sidebar.
  • MyBlogLog Widget.
    I’v add some code in the css/misc.css file to modify the display of MyBlogLog,By default,there will not display the text “Join xxx”.If you want to display it ,you can delete the code.
    And,now the widget is my blog(dupola.com),you can modify the Blog ID in MyBlogLog,and change the text to your own.


  • v2.6 - 2008.06.18
    Add some plugin support
    Add a author Page template
    Add a author list Page template
    Add a Google Ajax Search Result Page template,you need create a Searchfrom with Google Custom Search
    Add a LifeStream Page template,use Google Feed API
    Remove some informations which are not need default
  • v2.5 - 2008.xx.xx (forgetten)
    This version has removed many codes which are not need default but me.
  • v.1.1 - 2008.03.22Add Page List Menu in the header.php.(optional)
    Add a Blogroll Page template.
    Remove the generator meta tag in header.php.(WordPress will automatic add it in the version 2.5)
  • v.1.0 - 2008.02.26THIS IS A MAJOR RELEASE!

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