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科学美国人 (Scientific American)
史蒂夫 米尔斯基(Steve Mirsky)


发表在《学习与记忆》(Learning & Memory)上的一份最近的研究发现,可能平时保证睡眠要比为了考试而抱佛脚来得好。200名大学生被指导去玩几种他们并不熟悉的电视游戏。那些在早晨学习该游戏的对象,在他们12小时后第二次玩这个游戏时,遗忘了一些其中的技巧。但是当他们睡了一个好觉后,他们在第二天早晨的游戏表现则好很多。所以请留意:如果你想要得到每门课的A分,请别忘了多拿一些“z”--zzzZZZ。

Below is the original script. But a few changes may have been made during the recording of this audio podcast.]

You’d think that college students would be experts at sleeping.  But odd hours, parties, cramming for tests, personal problems, self-medication with drugs or alcohol and general stress can wreck a student’s sleep habits.  Which can be bad for the body and the mind.  Texas Tech University is even offering a class called "Improving Your Sleep Habits".  People suffering from sleep-deprivation are at an increased risk for obesity, diabetes, psychological problems and car crashes.  Students who don’t get enough sleep have poorer attendance and lower grades.
On top of all that, a new study published in the journal Learning & Memory finds that you’re probably better off sleeping than cramming for a test.  Two hundred college kids were taught to play a couple of video games that they were unfamiliar with.  Subjects who learned the games in the morning lost some skills when they played again 12 hours later.  But they did much better the next morning after getting a good night’s sleep.  So remember: if you really want to get those A’s, don’t forget to get some zzzz’s.

—Steve Mirsky


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